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Club Cactus Vol.2 Launch Party at Hidden Cherub Kitchen and Bar

Club Cactus Vol. 2 | Launch Party After Movie | Sorta Kinda Muisc | Video by Snapple Media

Music has the power to connect and transport us to another world, and that's exactly what the Club Cactus Vol 2 album launch party did. This amazing after-movie really captures the vibe of an evening we won't forget!

A huge thank you to everyone who made this night so special, including DJs Dan Muz Joey Tuckshop, Petrichor Project, Tunnel Signs, Rabbits On Saturn Dystopia for the epic cameo, and Damo Cox, the perfect venue Hidden Cherub Kitchen & Bar, 105.7 Radio Metro, CLUB Raiders, Lab Leaked Beats and Electronic Music Australia for your support, and of course, each and every one of YOU who brought the party to life with your energy and enthusiasm.

Video Shot and Produced by 🎥 Shnapple Media

Track ID: Joey Tuckshop - Scary

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