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God Save The Queen - SKR Episode #68

I know I am a little bit behind on the blog, but that’s because I have been exploring the world of animation putting together a video clip for my latest track ‘Mojo Filter’! Take a trip down Abbey Road with tiny, animated Damo Cox, some curious creatures, and a cameo appearance from Her Majesty the Queen in the newly released music video here.

Sticking with the UK for now, some highlights of episode 68 of Sorta Kinda Radio include UK duo Nautica’s minimal groover ‘Distant Memory’. Relatively new to music, these guys are worth keeping an eye, or an ear on.I’ve been wanting to get my hands on Chris Lake’s ‘400’ since hearing it in his set when he was in Australia on New Year’s Day 2020 right before that spicy flu hit! I’ve always been drawn to weird sounds and the synth sounds in this tune deliver all the weirdness I need, as well as the infectiously catchy vocal sample “Un portavoz del departamento dijo que te / Un portavoz del de’ which incidentally translates to “A department spokesman said that you / A spokesman for the”. And I don’t know about you, but I think this is perfect.

Over to the States now with Detroit Producer Wave Point serving up a club ready Tech House treat with ‘Tonight’. That driving Tech bassline reminds me why I enjoy the sound so much.

Closer to home, Aussies Paluma & Tyson O’Brien deliver a funky little minimal tech heater in ‘Speak To Tha Yung’. There’s enough of that 303-acid flavour to get you ravers going! Paluma has been on fire lately, and his collab with Adiel Mora ‘Si Po’ also gets a spin in episode 68.

Hope you enjoy Sorta Kinda Radio episode 68, check out the show on Mixcloud or Youtube and give the channels a follow so that you never miss a show.

Catch ya next week!


Episode 86 Tracklisting:

ZYNK - Affecting Me

Paluma, Adiel Mora - Si Po

ANOTR - Black Box

Nautica (UK) - Distant Memory

Paluma & Tyson O’brien - Speak To Tha Yung

Wave Point - Tonight

Chris Lake - 400

HI LO x Eli Brown - Industria

Flash - Hypnotised

Wongo & Tony Romera - Funky & Chunky

Cloonee - Love You Like That

Benson & Tommy Trash - Split Milk

SODF - Remember

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