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Rabbits On Saturn's epic hybrid DJ set @ Club Cactus Vol.2 Album Launch Party

Rabbits on Saturn | Club Cactus Vol.2 Launch Party

Check it out, folks!

We've got something special for you straight out of South London's industrial wasteland.

Meet Alex Nott, aka Rabbits On Saturn, a seriously talented artist making waves in the underground techno scene. And let me tell you, this guy knows how to throw down!

Picture this: Club Cactus Vol.2 Album Launch Party. Rabbits On Saturn takes the stage and unleashes a mind-bending, hybrid DJ set that will blow your socks off. It's a wild ride of wobbly beats, layered with unique sounds that'll make your head spin. And we're not stopping there—chunky, hard-hitting drum grooves, sampling, and killer live vocals are all part of the mix. This ain't your average set, my friends that’s for sure.

Rabbits On Saturn kept the energy cranked up to eleven from start to finish, just the way we like it. If you were lucky enough to join us at Hidden Cherub Kitchen and Bar, witnessing Rabbits light up the Sound Section, then you know exactly what I'm talking about. And chances are, you've already hit that play button below to relive the magic. But hey, if you missed out on the mind-blowing experience that went down on April 29, today's your lucky day because we've got a recording just for you!

So go ahead, don't be shy. Hit that play button, turn the volume up to max, and let the music melt your mind. Trust me, it's an adventure you don't want to miss. And if Rabbits On Saturn's beats hit you as hard as they hit us, show some love! Drop a comment, give it a share so friends can treat their ear holes to some wonky tunes, or simply give it a virtual high-five. Show your support, because it is artists like Rabbits On Saturn who keep the underground scene alive and kicking.

Alright, folks, it's time to dive in. Get ready to groove, get ready to lose yourself, and get ready for Rabbits On Saturn to blow your mind. Enjoy!

Rabbits on Saturn | Mid Set @ Club Cactus Launch Party

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