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Sorta Kinda Radio #97 Damo Cox @ Club Cactus Vol.2 Launch Party

Club Cactus Vol.2 dropped on April 17, 2023 and to celebrate Sorta Kinda Music put on an epic party at Hidden Cherub Kitchen & Bar to celebrate and of course we didn't want anyone to miss out so we made sure we recorded all the sets.

 Founder of Sorta Kinda Music and Host of Sorta Kinda Radio, Damo Cox delivered a 2 part set on the night and episode 97 is his opening set, chock-a-block full of his originals, remixes, collaborations and even a couple sneaky unreleased tunes! 

Be sure to tune in to "Sorta Kinda Radio" on 105.7 Radio Metro (Gold Coast, Australia) or the Radio Metro app every Sunday from 4pm till 5pm AEST.

SKR #97 Tracklist:

1. Dystopia, Damo Cox- Leviathan

2. Chris Lake - Turn Off The Lights (Damo Cox Remix)

3. Cristian Fascelli, Damo Cox - [unreleased ID]

4. Damo Cox - [unreleased ID]

5. Damo Cox - Get With Me

6. GrooveJak - Split

7. Damo Cox - Wasting Time

8. Damo Cox - Deep Wubs

9. Damo Cox - Took a bite

10. Damo Cox - Acid Kiss (ft. GrooveJak)

11. Damo Cox - Lightyears

12. GrooveJak - D-Groovy

13. GrooveJak - Deep Down

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