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100th Episode of Sorta Kinda Radio

Today is a milestone, we have arrived at the 100th Episode!

Sorta Kinda Radio | Sorta Kinda Music | 100 Episode

What better way to celebrate the 100th episode of Sorta Kinda Radio than to showcase our past releases on Sorta Kinda Music.

This mix is chock full of talented artists including some Sorta Kinda OGs like Just.Jax, who has been absolutely killing it recently getting tracks signed to Motive Records and has been getting support on Mark Knight's Toolroom Radio.

Heizer who is legit a day one OG who was on remixing duties for track 'Damo Cox - Summer Sun (Heizer Remix)' back in 2019 when it all began for Sorta Kinda, since then he has moved away from the Tech House vibe and is now making some seriously hot Vocal House tracks under his new alias Juddik.

Then we have a selection of the super talented guys from overseas that we have been so lucky to work with Next of Kin, Cristian Fascelli (Both who were featured on Club Cactus Vol.2), Midnight Gold, Card3x and Declan Knapp.

South East QLD and the Northern Rivers (NSW) has definitely been dishing out a huge amount of the spicy tunes we have been releasing over the years with the likes guys like Jarrah Wales (now known as Blue Collusion) who was another one who was an early days signing to the label with his track 'Lost Ranger' which I could possibly be one of my most played tracks in the SKM catalogue to date. We also have man behind some seriously rad events over the last few years and now heads up the Beat Pi brand, Ceccato is in the mix with 'All I Need Is You'. GrooveJak, which is a collabrative project between myself (Damo Cox) and the legend himself, Craig Roberts. Our track that is featured, Deep Down was a deep, dark groover that Craig's years of knowledge from the industry all came together to bring a proper Tech tune with an epic journey from start to finish.

It wouldn't be the 100th episode if we didn't have a selection of artists that had been on out Club Cactus Vol.1 & 2 compilations. So we have Dan Muz (Club Raiders), Petrichor Project (also known as Mirus and Audioshrine and heads up the Lab Leaked Beats parties in Murwillumbah). Then we have the Joeys! Joey Tuckshop and his tune Scary and who's latest ep is also dropping on August 29, 2023 (Check out 'Summer Feed' EP here) and Joey Daye, who served up the magical track 'Yerra', he also has a new one coming your way in September called 'Lost In a Dream' keep your eyes peeled for that! Wrapping up the big 100 mix is the now Melbourne based artist Harxld and Byron Bay's very own De La Luna.

SKR #100 Tracklisting:

1. Dan Muz - Worth Your Time (Original Mix)

2. Ceccato - All I Need Is You

3. Petrichor Project - Stuck In A Dream (Original Mix)

4. Joey Tuckshop - Scary (Extended Mix)

5. GrooveJak - Deep Down (Original Mix)

6. Heizer Aus - Nothing You Say (Original Mix)

7. Next Of Kin - Lonely (Original Mix)

8. Declan Knapp - Back To Me (Original Mix)

9. Just.Jax - Haus Party (Original Mix)

10. Card3x - Got My Heart

11. Joey Daye - Yerra (Soar) (Extended Mix)

12. Midnight Gold - Stay The Night (Extended Mix)

13. Damo Cox - Wasting Time (Original Mix)

14. Cristian Fascelli - All Right (Original Mix)

15. Jarrah Wales - Lost Ranger (Original Mix)

16. Harxld, Damo Cox - Pick Him Up (Original Mix)

17. De La Luna - Transpacific (Original Mix)

Sorta Kinda Radio | Sorta Kinda Music | 100 Episode

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