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Can You Feel The Funky Beats? - Episode #69

They say ‘good things take time, but great things happen all at once’, and that’s definitely been the case here at Sorta Kinda HQ lately. We’ve had a bunch of super talented new artists join the Sorta Kinda fam which means, you guessed it, new music ‘bout to drop! New tunes, new merch, and some super collabs also in the pipelines, we’re run off our feet but in the best possible way. Don’t miss an update - subscribe to our mailing list to get the latest delivered straight to your inbox, otherwise keep your eyes on our socials and website to stay in the loop. 

Episode 69 of Sorta Kinda Radio kicks off with my latest - Mojo Filter. A Beatles classic reimagined with a bassline that bumps along, I hope you like the groove. If you haven’t already, check out the psychedelic animated film clip for the track here. I’ve also got ‘Like A Freak’ , my previous release in this mix, this is one of my personal favourites, and has its own limited edition print tee which you can find <here>

Michael Bibi is definitely an artist that regular listeners of the show would know that features on the show pretty regularly. ‘Midnight Lullaby’ and ‘Paradise’ have both come out on his new imprint ISO LAT. ‘Paradise’ has a slightly different feel to the usual tunes you’d hear from Bibi but the haunting vocal from Kitty Got Claws and quirky synth melody has me wanting to listen to this track on repeat! 

 Also on repeat - Kid Kenobi’s latest ‘Rock the Funky Beats’ has that old skool electro house vibe that solidified Kid Kenobi’s place as royalty in the scene and why so many years later he can still bring the house down. An absolute legend. 

Hope episode 69 of Sorta Kinda Radio gets you excited, I’d better get back to working on a tasty remix but before I go, a couple weeks back I caught up with Next Of Kin on Select Radio in the UK for a great chat about everything from new music, to what’s happening here at Sorta Kinda HQ and even hard hitting topics like what I would take to a desert island. Have a listen to the interview, as well as a sneaky guest mix <here>

Catch ya next week!

Available to listen on Mixcloud and YouTube

Track Listing:

Damo Cox - Mojo Filter (Original Mix)

Michael Bibi - Midnight Lullaby (Original Mix)

Michael Bibi - PARADISE feat. Kitty Got Claws

AGLF - Sexy303 (Extended Mix)

Getbad - Bailar (Extended Mix)

Galantis - 1 x 1 (Extended Mix)

Golf Clap - No Numbers ft owie

Damo Cox - Like A Freak (Original Mix)

HoneyLuv - Thr33 Six 5ive (Extended Mix)

Jaded - Can You Feel It (Extended Mix)

John Summit - In Chicago

Kid KenobI - Rock the Funky Beats (Original)

Kyle Zuck - Where'd My Friends Go

NightFunk - Bad Like That (Extended Mix)

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