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Get Naughty In The Party

Episode 67 is here and its HOT! 

Figuratively that is because well currently it's cold and wet as I write this, hopefully where you are the party is pumpin' and the sun is out! 

This episode is chock-a-block full of Aussie homegrown talent tunes from Taya, Benson & Tommy Trash, Aaska, Latour, Kondo, Jon Guetano, Paluma & Adiel Mora, DJ Fuel's Remix of Chusap's latest track 'Breathe' + My latest track Mojo Filter which drops on May 27, 2022 (Pre-Save Mojo Filter here) and D-groovy which is a tune from my side project with legend DJ Craig Roberts.

Anyway enough from me enjoy the mix!

Catchya next week! 

 - Damo Cox

Episode 67 Track List:

1. Taya - Reakt

2. Alex & Exxes - Coco

3. Benson & Tommy Trash - Split Milk

4. Aaska - Move Your Body

5. Latour - In The Party

6. Jon Guetano - Time To Get Down

7. Kondo - Get Naughty

8. Paluma, Adiel Mora - Si Po

9. Chusap - Breathe (DJ Fuel Remix)

10. Caribou - Never Come Back

11. Taya - Elvis In Camo

12. GrooveJak - D-Groovy

13. Damo Cox - Mojo Filter

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