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There is No Goodbyes Here! Welcome to SKR Episode 64

Massive shout out to all the people who messaged me after the show aired on Radio Metro to tell me how much they enjoyed it. I’m super stoked to hear that people are loving the tunes I am serving up, so be sure to hit me on socials and let me know what you think of the shows, or if you heard a tune in the mix you loved!

I kicked off the hour with Paul Kalkbrenner’s track ‘No Goodbye’. The lowkey vocal and synth stabs gives the track an energy that really hits you good in the feels.

‘Kitty Kitty’ from Matt Kerley is a weapon of a tune, the dark gritty bassline sucks you in and then when you least expect it a little bit of old school rave flavour slides in on the synths to give it that little bit extra to really heat things up on the D-floor.

‘You Belong to Me’ is Miane’s latest one released on Black Book. I'm really loving the tunes Miane has been releasing lately, they make you want to move with real nice percussive elements.

I finished the show off this week with a funky little bassline groover ‘Hit Me’ from Piero Scratch. This track has a super chill vibe and was a nice little warm down to take us out for this week’s show!

In other news, I’ll be at Soho House Bar on April 24 serving up some delicious tunes for the long weekend, so come boogie with me.

Our House - Soho Bar Broadbeach April 24 - Guilty Pleasure Agency Andy Finn

Be sure also to check out the new limited edition Sorta Kinda Music merch in the store and grab yourself a fresh tee!

Catch ya next week!


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Sorta Kinda Radio - Episode 64 Track List:

1. Paul Kalkbrenner - No Goodbye (Extended Version)

2. Solardo - One Two (Original Mix)

3. Reelow - Voices In My Damn Head (Original Mix)

4. Sandor - Heartbeat (Extended Mix)

5. Matt Kerley - Kitty Kitty (Club Mix)

6. Miane - You Belong To Me (Original Mix)

7. Hollaphonic – Paraná (Extended Mix)

8. Lee Foss, Eddy M - Social Distancing (Original Mix)

9. Bob Sinclar, Roxanne Shanté - Reels (Extended Mix)

10. Black V Neck - Bounce Music (Original Mix)

11. Sosa (UK) - Where the Party At (Original Mix)

12. Raffa (FL) - Shake It (Original Mix)

13. Piero Scratch - Hit Me

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