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Let Me Blow Your Mind

Sorta Kinda Radio Ep #63

Big thanks to everyone who came out to Saturday Social on April 2nd, it was an awesome event. Check out my Damo Cox socials for the pics which will be coming soon! 

Keeping the party going well into Sunday Sorta Kinda Radio episode 63 kicked off with some dirty bassline groovers! Belgian producer Beton provides the bassline that keeps chugging along and points us in the right direction with the track ‘Directions’

Rolling into the next track, 'The Ciggie' from U.K. based Cloonee features a familiar sample from 2001 track 'Let Me Blow Your Mind' from Queens Gwen Stefani and Eve. 

Lowdown has been dropping heater after heater of late, and he has kept the fire burning with 'Dance All Night'. I’m really loving the modern twist on the old school sounds that Lowdown has been working into his tracks, bringing his tough style of baselines and partnering them up with ravey synth stabs. It's a unique sound I can’t get enough of.

Be sure to tune in to 105.7 Radio Metro or on the Radio Metro App every Sunday between 4-5pm to catch Sorta Kinda Radio or listen to past episodes on Mixcloud or YouTube.

See Ya Next Week!

Damo Cox

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